Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wicked Day

I know i haven't updated much, but here's the dealieo.  I have been mega busy.  Trying to make money and trying to see if I should go to school.  I had a fun time today I want to share.

I saw an e-mail from an old friend and he wanted to know if i would be down with sucking him and two friends.  You know i was.

We met at his hotel because they were here on business.  His two friend were super shy.  My friend is 25.  His two friends are 30 and 35, and the 35 year old was married.  I started by sucking my friend hoping it would get them going.  It did, but it was still super awkward.  I thought for sure having me naked on my knees would get them totally hard.  I got them stiff but it took work.  It was worth it though because all three came in my mouth and I swallowed it all.  The 30 year old said that was the best ever.  The married guy was totally freaked after though.  I sat with him alone down in his car and assured him I wouldn't tell his wife and I was just giving him relief.  He was sweet and she is lucky (and if you are reading this wifey, he has a great cock!)

Okay, time to job hunt more.  Toodles.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Giving Head to a Married Man

I admit it was a bad idea. A married guy should not cheat on his wife.  But if his wife doesn't give him bjs and he really wants one, what is he supposed to do?  If he goes to a hooker he can get in trouble with the police or robbed or something.

This guy I'll call Robert. He comes into where I work a lot and we always talk.  He's like 50. I saw him three days ago outside at the park and we struck up a conversation and walked around.  He is actually pretty cool and funny even though he is over twice my age.  When we started talking about all kinds of stuff he said his wife doesn't give him bjs anymore.  I thought this was sad as heck.  So I offered to if he wouldn't tell his wife.  I met her twice where I work.

He said ok.

So we went to his office and both got naked.  He really liked my body.  I told him I would give him the best bj of his life and asked him how he wanted it done.  He said to just do it how I liked it.  I told him I wanted to take it slow and then swallow his cum unless he wanted it on my body somewhere.  He said swallowing it would be fine.

Teen gives old man a blowjob brought to you by Spankwire

He had a really nice cock.  It was a little over six inches and was super hard.  His balls were pretty big too and heavy.  I did take my time.  I did deep throat and lots of eye contact for him as he sat on his desk and I sat in his office chair.  When he was ready to cum I felt his hand go on my head and his balls pull up and I just started swallowing and doing my best to moan for him.

He was practically crying after because he said it was so good.  I told him he had a great cock and gave him my number in case he ever needed help again.  I know I'm horrible, but what kind of wife does not do that?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Apologies and a Lot of Cum

First I apologize for not updating more.  I got lazy then my 'puter broke.  I did something last night which is totally crazy though.

I am living back home due to relationship stuff and job issues.  This guy who contacted me on here has been buying my panties and we used to do phone sex to.  Well, last night he came up and since he's been super cool with me, I promised him an anything goes night.  He told me he puts out a lot of cum and he never found a girl that he could do some total badass stuff with.  I said, "You found her now!"

He wanted a bj, but wanted to cum on a plate, so we did this in his hotel room.  I blew him and when he was ready to cum it went on the plate.  He wanted me to rub my face in it and be a total mess before I cleaned it off with my fingers and ate it.  There was a lot of cum too.  My face was gross with it and I licked the plate clean.  After he got hard watching me do that, I kept the cum on my face and blew him again, letting him cum more on my face.  That's when I cleaned it off and ate it.  He was so happy.  We spent a few more hours together and played around more, but that really got him going.

So, Mr. Lot of Cum: thank you!  I got to see a man totally satisfied.  I hope we can do it again.  This time save up more than three days worth for me!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Gobble Day

I don't know how to post this video here, but click here.  It is super hot!  She is hot!  I want to share that cock with her and maybe do more.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My GF is Stupid

I have a girlfriend named Susannah.  She is pretty stupid.  She doesn't read this so i don't have to worry about saying that.  Why is she stupid?  Easy.  She won't look her bf in the eyes when she is sucking him.

I thought that was crazy. Guys love when a girl looks him in the eyes when doing that, but she won't because she thinks she looks dumb and she feels dirty.  Sex should make you feel dirty!  Guys love that.  i told her she should do it, and she told me she couldn't even think about it.  I even offered to let her watch me do it or to show her a porn where they do it and she about flipped.  She's only 18, so she has not had a lot of experience, but still.

So guys, do you like it better when a girl looks in your eyes while doing it?  Let me know and I'll tell her.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm Back!!!!

I had a tragedy in my family, and a near and dear member of it died, so i've been out of the state for over a month!  My bf missed me and readers missed me.  I am back, but tired.  You will be seeing more posts from me, though.  I'm sorry to everyone, but I will be writing again!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ball Sucking Fun

A friend of my bf mentioned his gf wouldn't suck on his balls.  I asked my bf if I could show him how good it felt, but he told me I couldn't because the girl would break up with him if she found out and she was really nice.

How nice can you be if you don't suck on a guy's balls?

I did talk to her about it.  i brought it up pretty casually, just talking about things I liked to do in bed.  When I got to ball sucking she looked surprised.  She told me her bf asked for it, but she thought they were too delicate to actually do something like that to.  I told her they would be fine and she could even be a little rough with them.  I even told her how I liked to suck them while a guy jerked off and how I liked having a guy lower them into my mouth.  I think she is going to give her bf a surprise next time they get funky in the bedroom or wherever.

It's too bad I didn't get to show him, but i suppose its good she'll get to have plenty of practice.